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Recent sales of SonarTRX / SonarTRX-SI

clock August 9, 2011 21:56 by author SonarTRX

Some recent sales of SonarTRX:

  • A Geo-Science company in Washington (SonarTRX)
  • A California based group providing UXO services (SonarTRX)
  • A university in Greece (SonarTRX-SI)
  • A maritime dive-contractor in India (SonarTRX)

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SonarTRX 10.8 released

clock August 6, 2011 04:43 by author SonarTRX

SonarTRX 10.8 has just been released.

For product information and release notes for new and older versions, please visit the main web-site:

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