When importing SonarTRX image tiles into GIS programs for assembly and merging into larger mosaics of the survey area, it is important to minimize any "seams" between adjacent image-tiles. The sample below illustrates recent improvements in that regards. The seams in the right side sample are barely visible.

Image Mosaic Improvements

The above sample images were generated with Manifold GIS, after importing 14 tiles from both starboard and port sidescan channels. No slant range correction was applied.

The sub-division of sonar data into image-tiles makes it easier to "mix and match" tiles from several passes over a survey area. As of version 10.5 of SonarTRX, the tiles can be cropped at a certain range, providing additional flexibility when assembling a mosaic of the survey area. The sample below illustrates this feature and how it can be used to avoid overlapping background imagery.

Cropping of image tiles at certain sonar range

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