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Current release: 18.1

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Product description and supported sonars / file types

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SonarTRX Pro

SonarTRX Pro (x64)

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The full version of SonarTRX has the ability to import sonar files from several sonar manufacturers. It can calculate the "first echo return" based on the recorded sonar data, and also allows for digitizing the seabed manually for slant range correction.

SonarTRX Pro (x64) is a 64 bit version that requires a 64 bit Windows operating system. It is capable of better utilizing available memory and allows for loading of larger sonar recordings and creation of larger MasterImages. The SonarTRX Pro license allows for running any of these two versions. (Existing customers can contact to obtain a download link for the desired version.)


Humminbird sonars Lowrance sonars Garmin sonars StarFish sonars Imagenex SportScan and YellowFin sonars DeepVision sonars EdgeTech sonars Generic XTF

Supported sonar file types: See the Feature Matrix document

SonarTRX-SI Pro

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SonarTRX-SI is for use with Humminbird sonars only. It has otherwise the same functionality as SonarTRX Pro, except that it does not come in a 64 bit version.


Humminbird sonars Humminbird sonars Humminbird sonars

Supported sonar file type: *.dat

SonarTRX-LSS Pro

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SonarTRX-LSS is for use with Lowrance sonars only. It has otherwise the same functionality as SonarTRX Pro, except that it does not come in a 64 bit version.


Lowrance sonars Lowrance sonars Lowrance sonars

Supported sonar file type: *.sl2, sl3, *.slg

SonarTRX-GVU Pro

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SonarTRX-GVU is for use with Garmin sonars only. It has otherwise the same functionality as SonarTRX Pro, except that it does not come in a 64 bit version.


Garmin sonars Garmin sonars Garmin sonars

Supported sonar file type: *.rsd


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PlusPack is an add-on product license that activates additional import/export functionality within SonarTRX, SonarTRX-SI and SonarTRX-LSS:
  - Import/Export of alternate data (track, absolute elevation, transducer altitude...)
  - Export of along-track XYZ data for bathymetric processing (absolute elevations or depth relative surface)
  - Export of raw ping data from up to 1000 soundings to text file for further analysis.

Please see the tutorials page for various PlusPack usage scenarios.

Common functionality (all versions)

Data Import

The various SonarTRX file importers (for each type of sonar file) have several common features:

SonarTRX import dialog

  - Import the entire file, or a time-segment of data
  - Import data from select sonar channels
  - Correction of sonar data during import.

View and edit data

SonarTRX has a built-in viewer / editor:

Cursor status and measure information and mini map

The cursor status information is shown below the view. Differential values are shown in brackets when carrying out a click & drag operation. The birds-eye map in the lower-left corner provides information about the location of cursor (small circle), targets (cross), selected target (circled cross) and active tile with respect to the trackline of the sonar recording (red line or circle). The location of the "page" (group of image tiles) currently loaded in the viewer is shown as the gray portion of the trackline. The above sample recording was obtained from available online xtf-samples. The sonar type was not specified.

The following is a summary of the sonar viewer / editor functionality that is common to all versions of SonarTRX:
  - Selection of sonar channel and use preferred color scheme
  - Use desired range and zoom level
  - Choose among various inline scales or show speed-corrected images
Navigate within available data
  - Paging mechanism to handle large files
  - Display sonar coverage and navigation information for each image-tile
  - Birds eye view that shows the navigation track of the sonar recording, the cursor location and position of the active tile etc.
Correction of data
  - Tools to correct and manipulate data
  - Recalculate slant-range corrected images
Change view preferences
  - Adjust gain and contrast and save preferences
  - Display grid lines
  - Highlight bottom pixels
Measure, inspect and define targets and clips
  - Cursor information that shows time, altitude, range, horizontal range etc.
  - Create clips and define their start and end times.
  - Capture Target locations and optionally paste to Google Earth as KML placemarks
  - Measurement tool - click and drag cursor to show differential values
  - Tool to estimate the height of a bottom feature by measuring the size of the shadow

Creating images

Having imported data and made any corrections using the viewer, SonarTRX can generate geo-referenced images for viewing with Google Earth or import to 3'rd party GIS applications. The SonarTRX Mosaic creation dialog has a large number of options to customize the output:

Viewing annotated sonar image tiles with Google Earth

  - Generate images from a one or more named clips (time-intervals)
  - Merge image-tiles into a larger Master Image
  - Use auto-correction tool for gain and contrast, or use data as corrected during import.
  - Crop the data at a certain range for improved control over the assembly of images from the survey area.
  - Relocated to adjust for a constant layback and cross-track offset
  - Correct images for constant heading-deviations between the transducer/towfish and the CMG of the tow-vessel.
  - ...and more.

The following is a sample from a shallow water survey of a pipeline crossing:

Viewing annotated sonar image tiles with Google Earth